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Established in 2001

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Since 2001, our team of talented ERP, and accounting professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible service to an increasing amount of customers. Learn more about our team, our approach, and how we can help you grow your business.

Established in 2001

We provide high quality services since 2001


Turner accounting and technology group was founded in 1995 as an organization of talented bookkeepers, systems consultants, accountants, and business coaches. Since then, we have been providing our services to an increasing amount of customers worldwide including international corporations and small local businesses.


To improve the way we provide services to our clients we decided to start long-term cooperation with our European and Asian partners. It helped us to integrate our services and business solutions into the production cycle of many European companies and enterprises.


Thanks to our rapid development, in 2007 we managed to open new offices in other states of the USA, including Texas and New York. We have also increased the level of our customer service and introduced new services such as cloud accounting, business plan financials prep. third-party applications configuration, and business coaching.


As of today, our main goal and priority is to Introduce new business, cloud accounting, automation, back-office, and remote customer support solutions. All of them are based on cutting-edge technologies and innovations that bring us as well as our partners and clients much profit and success.

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From start-ups to international corporations, we have the experience you need. We help companies prosper with innovative strategies, a hands-on approach and highly experienced professionals who’ll make you feel like your company is the only one we have.

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TATG-LLC responsibilities are cyclical and predictable, with consistent monthly, quarterly and annual requirements. As business needs are always evolving, TATG-LLC’s services can augment your existing team or enable you to fully outsource.


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TATG-LLC's team of dedicated business accounting/systems experts are focused on improving the success of our clients’ businesses.

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